What 's the deal with this boy?

He goes to the same school as you and is two years older than you. You guys met because one of your friends knows him and basically introduced you. After that you guys start playing around, joking, etc. and one day he just kiss you, actually not kiss you but starts making out with you. It just so happens that this make out is really your first kiss. After that day you don't know how to act around him so you start avoiding him.

The next day when he finally sees you he smiles remembering what you guys did the day before and you just walk past him as if you did not see him. From that day you guys avoid each other because its real awkward and you haven't spoken for 3 good long months. Although you haven't spoken for awhile every time you guys see each other and you're with your friends you stare in the eyes and look away once your friends realize your not listening to them.

After 3 months you sneak out with your best friend during lunch time, in which every one does and see him coming along with some of his friends. He ditches his friends once he sees you and basically hints for you to come behind him, not making it obvious. When you do, he starts flirting with you asking "what do you want?" and after giving you a lot of options he says "a kiss?". You're basically like "what happened three months ago," bringing it up for the first time and he says "you want that?" (not rudely, kind of anxious/nervous). You say "Maybe," knowing he knows that you're actually saying "yes," He pulls you to him and you guys embrace then he lift your chin up so he can kiss you. Right when you guys almost kiss you move because you're nervous and you know that he isn't your boyfriend (he is single though). He has a look of hurt in his eyes and asks "whats wrong?" you nod your head, and he realize that you''re nervous. he pulls you to him and say "don't be nervous." you guys almost kiss but someone came in the stair case and you guys have to separate.

After that you guys never talked about it again.When you guys pass each other in the hallways the stares become longer and soon people somehow find out that you guys kiss. You guys avoid each other again and now the school year is basically over. He is talking to you again and joking, out of the blew and you want to know what's he thinking about you.

Why the sudden change? Why did he kiss you if he wants to be friends? If he likes you, why not just come out and say it? What's the deal with this boy?


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  • I say move on he's older and he's ganna change.

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