if he hasn't responded by now, should I just give up?

So I met this guy on Tinder (lol i know). And he asked me if I would like to meet up in May when we are both home from college. We live in the same area back home. I said yes, but he has not gotten back to me since. I know he got my message because it says he is still active on tinder, but I don't know why he wouldn't have responded.
Is this a rejection?
But if he didn't want to meet up, why did he ask?
Also, finals are coming up soon, so I could understand if he was too busy to respond but to me, it just doesn't make sense.


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  • i dont think he was honest in the first place


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  • that's weird but he could contact you in may, don't know if i would want a guy like that though because he's clearly treating you as just an option

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