Should I pursue this girl further?

So, about 3 weeks ago, I did something very unusual for my person: I approached a girl that was smiling at me at the bus. Things actually went so well that I couldn't even believe it; all I had to do was ask for her number and she gave it to me. Two days later, I texted her and we agreed to go out the next day. Again, I was on a roll: we had a nice conversation going, and when I leaned in to kiss her, she responded gladly.

The next date didn't come so easy: she was very slow in her responses, she cancelled it two times, and I was starting to think she wasn't interested and that I was becoming a burden by insisting so much. But I had a good feeling because she would always answer and apologize, and I knew she was telling me the truth when she cancelled our date because she had already told me she is a volunteer in some events happening this month. I decided to trust her and keep pursuing a date, and it finally came! We kissed again and got to know each other a little better. While I was walking with her back home, I employed some humor to ask her if I was being too insistent and if she had any problem with us going out. The response? 'No, no problem at all. I actually like when someone insists, since most guys only send a couple of messages and then leave it.'

So, things seem to be going well. I'm a little confused though, because she seems half in and half out. Again, I know she is extremely busy with her school (she studies Medicine) and volunteering work, but she never calls to arrange something. Also, she seemed very nervous even on the second date, which I don't understand. On the positive side, I think the fact that we went out twice and kissed both times shows that she is possibly just shy.

I really like this girl because she is both cute, interesting and seems kind-hearted, a combination I haven't seen in a girl the last two years. Do you think I should keep at it?

Thank you!


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  • yeah you should keep at it. don't see any reason why you should throw it away. so she is busier than some girls, be happy she's taking time out of her very busy schedule for you! she must like you

  • Give up on her because she's shy? Bah.You want her, get her (; Not everything you want comes easy.

    • No, that's not the reason! I actually love it because it gives me a good chance to tease her and then kiss her! I just don't want to come strong on her and I am a bit baffled as to why she never texts or calls first.

      But you are right, so far, the chasing has beared fruit :)

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    • Thanks, that was a great idea! I'm sending her a text first thing in the morning!

      Meanwhile, here's a cookie :D

    • Chocolate chip? Mmm the cravings ^.^ And great!

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