Possible yes or no to date? Can't tell?

So after texting this girl for a while I got the courage to ask her out again. We have had one date months ago but I stayed in contact. When I asked her I got something like "I'll see how I go :), hopefully I will get time off at some point". I joked about how I've heard that before and she should get back to me. No response. Does it sound like she wants to? Doesn't sound like a yes or a no to me. We are only friends at the moment, maybe she doesn't want that to progress.


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  • It means she'll text you WHEN she has time off... if no better offers are staring her in the face.

    Extrovert: Instead of bugging a busy person further, figure out how your face would be the first one in line for her to see WHEN she discovers she has time to entertain fun options like yours.

    Introvert: (less likely changes) If you know her special interests, then text her you're going to one of these (every week) and wish she could go with, to explain the nuances. Maybe she'll bite on one of these baits... if she doesn't ask someone else to attend with her.