What does it mean if a new guy friend cuddles with you during a movie marathon?

okay so i was at a friends house for a sleepover the next morning two of our guy friends came over. we all went down to the basement to hang and watch movies. there are only two chairs and a couch one of the guys (the one i like) was on the couch lying down having no place to sit i asked him to move and my friend (the girl) said just lay beside him, so i did after a few min he put is hand on my waist then eventually wrap it around my side pulling me in tight and close. after awhile i wanted to go hot tubing so i went upstairs to get my bikini on everyone ended upstairs in the room with me so i put my friends shirt over top my swim suit my guy friends saw me in my bathing suit and stared then the one i like starting casually unbuttoning my shirt (too look at my boobs) after goofing around with them for a bit i went back to the basement my guy friend joined me and we started cuddling again only this time he undid my shirt again and starting playing with my boobs this went on for awhile then i went in the hot tub by myself for a few. when i got out i went downstairs to join everyone i went to the bathroom to dry off and my guy friend joined me. the other guy there locked us in the bathroom and turned the lights off. in the bathroom we starting fooling around again, this went on all day. so basically i want to know if this guy might like me or if he just wants to hook up? please help me im so confused!!

dont know if this makes a difference but when we were watching the movies we took turns giving each other back massages haha


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  • there isn't a whole lot here to suggest that he actually likes you.

    as a hormonal teen, if a girl lay down with me on a couch, i would have done exactly what he did, interested or not, just to maybe cop a feel. same with perving while your in a bikini.

    its clear his dick likes you, as for the rest of him, who knows?


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  • I just think she's friendly to be honest, smiles dont mean anything to me

    • Damn wrong question haha, my opinion he just wanted ass if he has never showed interest in you until this particular day

    • well this wasn't the first time his been touchy with me... does that make a difference?

    • Thats not what i mean darling, that just means he was horny those other times too. I mean like in school and stuff does he pay extra attention to you? Does bf like things for you? Like you guys talk a lot and make it a point to see eachother every day or every other day? If he doesn't than he just wants ass

  • He's coming off pretty strong. I know he likes you for sure. You could of rejected his advances but you didn't so you like him too. I'd talk to him and see if he wants a relationship or just to hook up. Communicate with him but usually guys around your age just want to hook up. Good luck.

    • how do i communicate with him about this when im never alone with him plus i dont want to be wrong and make things awkward :(

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    • thank you sooooo much you have been very helpful!!

    • No problem and good luck.

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