Guy I'm dating didn't text me, is he loosing interest?

I've been dating for this guy for over a month now and we usually see eachother 3-4 times a week. Now however we haven't had a chance to meet in 5days because of different scedules in work etc (this is the longest time we haven't seen eachother and I miss him like crazy) and today I didn't hear anything from him! Usually we text everyday and he's the one that textes me first most of the time. I have no idea when we are going to meet again. Is this bad? is he loosing interest? yesterday he said that he really would have wanted to see me that night (we had sometjing planned but couldn't meet after all) and today-nothing! Should I be worried? I'm so afraid he isn't that into me anymore and I miss him so much...and what should I do if He doesn't text me tomorrow?

ps. I know he hasn't been too busy today becos he's been active on Facebook...

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It's almost 2pm the next day and I still haven't heard from him... should I text him tonight if there's still nothing? We haven't seen eachother for almost a week now and I'm going crazy and feel pathetic that a guy can make me feel this way.


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  • Nothing too worry about

  • All guys will lower the frequency of their texting.


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