Should I tell her this or should I not?

This girl and I dated over the summer, but we broke up because she didn't like the fact that I would be an hour or two away for college. However, months later, she got with another guy and she's already moved in with him. We still talk, but I don't like how she says, "lets have a friend weekend this weekend." It makes me mad because I still have feelings, so should I tell her to not call me "friend" or just get over it?


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  • It's obvious she still wants You part of her life, part of her heart still, and even if she has this newbie whom she has moved in with lock, stock and barrel, shows me she wants the best of both worlds as well.
    It's sort of like a triangle threesome, but in this case, you are this lonesome looker now at the top, looking down, and left to right, you see a-----twosome.
    There are many couples, divorced or who were merely in a relationship, who DO remain friends till the end. And actually, they are closer than before, more amiable with one another, finding that they get along better as friends than when they were partners. But it's every man for himself, and of course, your choice. Do some soul searching.
    If you do Not feel comfy cozy with your Ex and her Other half, then simply tell her "thank you, but I am busy." Or you can be honest, get it out of the way, and just tell her straight out that you would prefer Not to, that you've moved on, and the friend to the end deal is not for you. No need to go into detail about what to label you...she will get the hint with This, and to realize then, that she not only lost a boyfriend, but-----there's no chance of her hopping on board your "friend ship."
    Good luck.xx

    • This other guy broke up with her before and then came back and they got back together again. I hate situations like this because I know what to do, but then emotions just mess it up for me. I don't want to stop talking to her, but I also don't want a friend title, it makes me mad...

    • It sounds like you just need to man up. Your emotions tell you you want her, but she tells you she only wants you as a friend. Overcome the emotional barrier, face the rejection, and accept the fact that you are a friend. It's about being emotionally strong! Good luck to you my friend. Chase some other girls for the moment and your emotions will completely turn for the better. :)

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  • If she's with another guy, and she has left you hanging, two hours away isn't all that bad. It sounds like she only wants you as a friend at this point. The only advice I can give is to send her this text, "Come back when you're ready" Then stop talking to her because you'll get friended. And if you keep seeing her and talking to her your feelings will never dissipate, which is bad because you need to be pursuing someone that feels mutually the same. My girlfriend lives two hours away and she always comes up to visit me. And I do the same.

  • Tell her straight, you don't feel you can be friends with her as you still have romantic feelings for her. In my honest opinion you cannot be friends with someone you still have feelings for. Your just setting yourself up for more heartbreak. You'll end up feeling like she's rubbing things in your face to make you feel bad, because that's what usually happens.