HELP! I came on too strong. Do you think I scared him away?

I've been seeing this guy at a school about 20 minutes away for two months. We barely get to see each other b/c of our schedules (it's been 2 almost weeks), and it's getting really frustrating. We were supposed to go out last night, but his car broke down on the way over. I don't have a car, and there's no efficient way of getting to each other through public transportation. We were exchanging flirty texts today, and he said that if he had his car, we'd be able to hangout soon. I asked if he could possibly borrow a friend's car, and offered to pay for gas. He didn't answer, and my friend said I sounded desperate. Did I scare him away? I feel like such an idiot!!!

Thank you soo much for the answers so far! Half an hour later he answered "haha maybe". Is there anything I can say to make it better?


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  • It sounds a little pushy and possibly a little desperate. Don't feel like an idiot, it's been a while and you really wanted to see him. That's understandable. Just wait it out and see what he says.


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  • might want to invest in that first car of yours, even if it is a beater (one that breaks down on occasion etc..) because most dealers will look at credit scores first to see if you're able to pay your credit off in time.

    also, i find it hard to believe that public transportation is that bad?

    have you tried asking for help as well. you can't always rely on him and his car. if you want to see him, you'll find a way

    you didn't scare him away, because y'all two are dating, you're just showing him that you really want to see him and we want that.

    • i find it hard to believe that is just happened to "break down" on his way over...something sounds fishy about that

    • Thank you for your answer!! I don't even have a license haha, it's really bad! And for whatever reason, you absolutely cannot take the train between our schools. There's no direct route and there are always hour long layovers at the main train station. And I don't know, he drives a really old car, and he sent me a snapchat of the dashboard and there were a few red lights. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should say to him now?

    • im going to go get my license today? be proactive dont just count on him

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  • Don't fret! Chances are he's doing something right now and couldn't get to his phone. Plus, it is totally normal for you to be "desperate" (without the negative connotation) if you have not seen you're boyfriend in almost 2 weeks! I know that if my boyfriend left me hanging for that long I'd be very upset.

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