Confused about the guy i'm dating, would appreciate some insight?

i met this guy online. so far we've been out on two dates. last Friday he took me out, we went dancing, then we went back to his place and talked for a while. eventually, we started kissing, and fooling around a bit. we didn't have sex though as i told him i wasn't ready. somewhat in the middle of it, we stopped and he said he wanted me to promise him something and admitted that it was a bit ridiculous. he told me to promise him that we would do this again and that it wouldn't be the last time he saw me. i told him that of course i wanted to see him again, and asked if he was scared that i was going to run or that he was scaring me off. he said somewhat, and that for all he knows i could also be dating the prince of wherever. not exactly sure why i revealed this, but i told him that i was only dating him currently. he said "i don't know that we're there yet", which kind of surprised me. i mean, i guess if i were dating multiple people, i wouldn't have said anything, but the fact is that it's just him right now.

we continued to kiss and fool around a bit. at one point he stopped and told me that he liked me. he asked me to spend the night as he was worried about me driving home, so i did. we cuddled, chatted, made out for a bit in the morning. he told me we have to do this again a few times. i left early cause i had a lot going on, and texted him to let him know i made it home safely. he texted back saying thanks for letting him know and thanks for a wonderful night.

i didn't hear from him until yesterday morning. apparently he was sick all day sat, and sun he was busy. we chatted for a while yesterday, he asked how my weekend was (i went to my bro's college), and he asked how it was, aside from young dudes hitting on me. at one point, i also mentioned something he's really fond of and he said we would have to do it together when the weather is nice.

i'm just kind of confused. is he really that into me? thanks for the help


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  • That seems really weird.
    First off why would he say that stuff to you, comes off a bit creepy and weird.
    second, he has your number to text. If he was "so afraid" you not seeing him again why wouldn't he at least text you to say he was sick or that he was busy. Even if I am really busy I take a moment to text the lady I haven't even gone on a date with yet just to let her know I am thinking about her and I will text her as soon as I get a chance.
    my guess would be he has others he is doing the same thing to. this just doesn't feel right to me.
    I would be careful if I were you...

  • Where is the confusion? Of course he's into you.


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