Guys, are you overwhelmingly tempted to pinch women whose hair hangs down over their behinds?

These are almost always Asian women, but whoever they are, I've always found it hard to resist parting the hair and pinching.

Anyone else feel like this?


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  • Oui, bien sur...whether they are French or otherwise. I am always very tempted by Tahitian women, we have many in France, often they have the long straight hair that reaches to their knees. Yes, it is always a temptation hard to resist. Is there any normal man who does not know this temptation?


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  • Your perversion never ceases to amaze me. It does, however, make me very grateful that I'm not an Asian woman, don't have really long hair, and am not within 50 feet of you.

    • Since ou don't have long hair, why are you worried? Since you're not Asian, you call everyone that you don't agree with perverse.

      That really is amazing.

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    • Well, yes, it does, actually. You're just a younger, female version of George Bush, in my humble but perverse opinion.

      ANd a million other guys.

    • Haha, I'm actually very liberal. Again, nothing to do with my not being Asian.

      Interesting deduction though.

  • You don't sound like a creep at all.


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  • Though you may find the odd Frenchman who shares in this peculiar proclivity with you, I suspect you are otherwise a party of one in this. At least, I've never stilled an urge to part a womans hair and pinch her posterior, and have never known of anyone else to express a repressed urge of this nature. Perhaps if you were to marry a long-haired Asian woman, you could adequately satiate this demented obsession, and remain a free member of society.

    • I wouldn't expect anyone from the deep South, where the women all long for Tara, to admit to such a sentiment.

    • Nor would I, but don't hold this against me as I'm a Yankee from NH, transplanted at the age of 30 to Touristville. Good luck with the urges. lol ; - )

    • Oh, New Hampshire, the old Yankee puritanism. It's not as pernicious as the belles of the South, but try it before you condemn something!

  • I don't know, couldn't you just pinch something else? That is a bit weird. But to each his own.