Guy I've known less than a week is ignoring me? Even though he said he likes me?

Ok so I met this guy on Friday night and he was amzing got my number and anyway I went an stayed round his the following night... We were both sober and talking with our feelings and yes we did it... And he kept to his promise of texting me and not using me and he text me all day Sunday and all day Monday... And he rang me Monday night and we had a lovely convo lasting over an hour saying how much he liked me... And we both agreed that we wanted to see each other again but when? So I Sugsted tomorrow and he was like yes that should be fine as long as I don't get drunk I'm at come sort of celebrations but he said he would let me know before lunch and text me... Anyway it got today and he never text me anything so I text him at 3 asking how it went and said hope you don't get to drunk and he never replied? Shall I text him again? Or wait till morning? I don't want to seem clingy , he just came across as he really liked me? Help!!


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  • Haha he is playing hard 2 get. No don't text him over 3 times with no reply unless you are good friends and know that he don't really ever text anyone which in my case he never text his friends he has social media but don't use it so since we are really close friends I always text him too much and often get a reply so don't text him more than 3 times in a week with no reply