Guys, are there girls that you are attracted to, but just wouldn't date?

Sometimes, I know guys who have said they like me or whatever, through a friend, we are both single, but they've not made any attempt or moves so..

Do u know girls who match what you want but just haven't made a move? If so why?


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  • Yes, especially guys your age or older.

    Women are choosy about who they find attractive, men find a lot of women attractive, but are choosy about which of them they will date.

    But the other reason they wouldn't make a move is a lack of confidence if they don't know you're interested.

    • Yes but if a guy knows you are interested and he likes you, surely he will pluck up all courage to ASK. There's only so much a Girl can do. I like to be pursued and will help, but some guys literally have no clue :( and need major balls, it's not that hard right!

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    • Ok but still fail to understand why a guy who knows a girl is interested fails to make a move of he likes her, he KNOWS, guys I like must be super shy lol

    • Perhaps, or they don't know, or maybe they aren't sure enough, I don't know. I was shy when single, but not THAT shy.

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  • Yes.

    I have a friend, flirty, pretty, but damn is she dumb as a rock.

    I would never date her, hell, I was hoping she was a bit deeper than I gave her credit for.

    Talked to her many times over the years and damn, was I wrong. Completely turned off by her now (at least in a romantic sense, we're still friends).

  • If a guy is interested and you gave him some type of clue (we are not mind readers) he would have shown you his interest.

    If you started him in the "friend zone" it's hard to change that.

    I have passed on women just for something simple like short hair but most of the time it is their personality/attitude when I see they are materialistic, bitchy , snobby types I turn away quickly I even dress down just to avoid women like that

  • The ones who are
    -sisters of very close friends
    -too young
    -high maintenance
    -friends I wouldn't like to lose after our affair is over
    -working under me on the job

    • -Doing drugs,
      -lacking in culture and intelligence
      well, it's a long list...

    • -deeply religious
      -irresponsible in their behavior

  • Yes, if she is mean or has a job/hobby/ideas that I think are immoral. Not like small immoral things but major things.

  • Yes, girl in my bio class, she's pretty attractive but id never date her just because we dont have that connection but we are good friends

  • Oh my god. Another low self esteem guy problem. I seriously feel like we live on different planet now

    And no Id make a move.


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