I think I'm ready to date after divorce. Where do I even begin?

I've been separated entirely for over a year and a half now and divorced a year. I feel ready to date, nothing serious, NOT hookups or sex or anything like that, but I mean going out to dinner, catching a movie, having a day date or something.

I'm so lost. I don't have Facebook and have terrible social anxiety. I'm extremely introverted, but you'd never tell if you met me on the street. I am very friendly and smiley and talkative, but it is a chore. A total. Chore. I stay in a lot. I don't have many friends, another thing that I know surprises people.

I feel like I'm in good shape in a conversation way, but otherwise, I really lack the tools for getting out there.

I'm really not into online dating, I just do not like any personal information online. Not my name, not my photos, certainly not my likes and dislikes.

I joined a meetup.com group for people with social anxiety but I really don't know if I will actually go to a meeting. Also seems like a lot of older folks in my area. That's not to say they know someone my age...

Anyway, I'm lost. What should I do, what did you do? Are you like me? Can you tell me about your dating experience post divorce? I've not dated anyone since I was a young teen... I had married my high school sweet heart.


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  • Join a gym to get your social skills working again, pay for a few lessons with a personal trainer, these will help you through that barrier you say you have, and after this, you will be able to attend those meetings, good luck, x


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  • Sounds like a miracle you got married the first time.

    • That's ok, what do you have going on? You're on this site all day!

    • I didn't mean it in an insulting way. It's honestly pretty remarkable if you think about it.

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  • With you having anxiety, I believe that you should take it very very very slowly. Maybe a smallllllllllll chat. Try texting, messaging, after about 2 weeks meet with him again go out for something casual like fast food or just a small walk. DO NOT go on a whole fancy dinner date. For your anxiety I think you should join a group maybe not the one you were talking about but even an online study or something. You should try to get your anxiety to a minimum before you date.

    I hope this helps!

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