How long should I wait for a call?

i met a guy and he was the one initially interested. seeing him again, I wasn't sure how he felt, but I gave him my number anyways. its been a few days and no call. I keep reminding myself that he's shy and all that jazz, but I think I might be kidding myself. should I wait?


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  • No! Don't sit and wait by the phone for a guy you're not even sure is interested in you. If he was then chances are he would have called or even texted by now, busy or not. Go out and find a new and better guy.


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  • You've already waited. Its obvious that he is not that into you cause a few days is too long for him not to text and say something. Busy? possible but unlikely. It takes less than aminute to call or text someone if he really was interested. 2 days or more after a date or giving a guy your number and no call, he is usually not interested.