This girl i like is dating someone, and i need help?

This girl I've been interested in for almost a year in a half (she knows i like her) is going out with a guy at my school. She constantly asks me for advice about him, and i pretend to be happy but i'm really jealous. This has been making me depressed lately. What should i do?


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  • Yikes, it sounds like she's almost trying to play the field. The fact that she is trying to make you jealous, while dating that guy...there's most likely attraction there. Unfortunately I have no explanation why we women play games with you guys, BUT the fact that she is asking for advice from a guy that she KNOWS likes her...hmmmm. I would tell her either she date you, or find somebody else to get advice from. She may be trying to get a reaction from you. yes...that jealous reaction that you are trying so hard to suppress, she probably wants you to say something like ,"why are you dating him anyway?"

    • Thamks for the advice, she has shown a little bit of attraction before and even seemed a little disappointed when i told her that i wanted to ask her out but didn't. Thanks again, i'm just so confused with her.

    • yeah i hear you. well I hope everything works out!

    • Thank you for the Most Helpful :)

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