Why do I always prefer average framed men (even in height too)?

I've been told a couple times that I have such a weird taste and I'll probably be one of the few that doesn't get turn on by an Marko Jarić (Adriana Lima's husband) and never had in my life.

For instance one of my female friends once had an 6'4 bf (I think he an athelete) and yet I saw nothing in him. Instead I thought my other friend's bf was better looking and he was just 5'6 and average.

Most of my grade school all the way to my HS crush were like that too. Then lastly my ex bf (and the only one I've been with) was 5'7 1/2 and like around 150 Ibs. Not sure if this is because I'm 5'7 and in the 140 lbs. Not sure about this but I get the feeling that some of the girl that keep only want much bigger men tend to be the short girls themselves.

Then not too long ago, I saw this 7+ft guy at a supermarket and I strangely I was disgusted. Honestly it kind of crepped me out. Is my preference weird?


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  • No, everyone has there own preference which is normal.


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