I have no friends to hang out with this summer.

I spend ALL my time alone or with my family who I don't terribly get along with. even reading books, playing games, sunbathing :D, etc.

the loneliness really gets to me. Any ideas? making new friends isn't really easy as it seems.


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  • i know how you feel, man. I had plans for this summer, I had a job in europe, but then things got hectic and it turned out there wasn't a place for me to live, so I had to be sent home 2 months early and I'm pretty freakin' lonely now.

    • U don't have any friends at "home"? that sucks..

      honestly, I had a falling out with like all my best friends and friends.... and thing is I'm kind of shy and quiet so I guess people don't see me as "fun" to hang out with... so I don't go to the parties or clubs often. but seriously, where is a good place to meet new ppl? lol and I'm talking about making REAL friends, not just acquaintances.

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    • No, I have friends, but they have jobs. I HAD a job so now I'm kinda useless. I also had a major falling out with a bunch of friends just before I left for college so I'm short a few friends now.

    • Yeah, I thought the falling out thing was just me.... I'm short to like no one right now. Its ridiculous. anyway, good to know I'm not the only one whos going through this.

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  • Just talk to people on here. Make friends with people on here. It gets kinda dull just sitting here talking to people sometimes but its better than being lonely. Because I have no plans for summer and all my friends are either out of the country or working so I'm pretty bored too.


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  • I know how you feel. I don't really have any good answers except that I have learned that there are a lot of other people who are just as lonely. You're not the only person sitting at home alone wishing they had someone to hang out with. There is a good chance if you invite someone to do something with you they won't have any plans and will be glad to have the company.