I waited to long to get in a relationship, now what do I do?

So throughout my teens i didn't date, didn't want to date had no urge or desire for it. i had my friends and other interests, things that were important to me. now in the past two years, now me in my 20s can't find anyone i want to be with. all thr relationship material guys are gone. The only ones still single and available have issues, divorced, single dad, ex man whore who finally decided he wants to settle down before he gets too old. Or major social handicaps or mental handicaps. or they just can't keep any relationships because they all fail because he has unrealistic expectations.
I'm worried now. No one else around who is up to the point of being relationship material. So what do I do now?


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  • No. I know exactly how you feel. I thank god I met my girlfriend in college because I've tried dating also, and it's completely slim pickins for us normal people. And the good ones are always taken. Keep looking, and all the power to you. Just date, date, and date some more until you meet a great guy. You have to go through a lot in order to find a decent person to be with. The reason being, not to sound judgmental, is that a lot of people don't realize that building character, and a great personality should be a requirement as you age. Character is very important, and values. People do not work on themselves enough and work on endeavors that are less important. This is the best advice I can give you. Your friend and pal, baddy2shoos. Done.

    • Yes! You understand my plight! I'll have to just meet as many people as I can then and mebe ill run into a good one

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  • just keep on looking. I been in that boat and I been hurt by people younger than me, and my own age, and older. Guess keep searching :( I know I am


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  • Haha, girl...you are way too young to think like this. Your thoughts are highly unrealistic. The world is so much larger than the small town you are from. You make it seem like you're 60 years old and the pool of men to date is dried up!

    You simply need to be patient and more optimistic. If you don't think you can find someone, then...you...WON'T. Good luck.