Why did he stopped WhatsApping me?

I met this guy in tinder about two weeks ago. He's 30 and I'm 23 (I'm a single mom). We started chatting the day we matched and then he didn't talk to me until 3 days after and we kept texting via whatsapp all week almost all day! He seemed interested because he kept talking to me first and stuff and told me he wanted to see me (two times). Yesterday he asked me for a selfie so I sent him one (I think I might have scared him or something :( ) He sent his selfie back and we ketp chatting and then all of a sudden he left me talking by myself and I know because he went online and offline like various times. He has been like this for 2 days now. What happened? Why all of the sudden he stopped or seems less interested, he's left me on seen for hours and he wasn't like that at first. The same day he asked for my selfie he told me he wanted to see me! What's up with this guy? I thought 30 year old guys were more mature or something! PLEASE HELP!

*He knows I have a child and doesn't mind. He's very much the type of guy I like and I would like to be with. He's very open minded and seem very interested in the past week.


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  • Age has little to do with maturity sometimes. Anything could have happened to cause him to stop contacting you. With online stuff, you never really know WHO or what is on the opposite end. With that said, he could very well have a girlfriend you dont know about. Or maybe he found another interest on Tinder. Maybe he is busy...you never know. I wouldn't stress about it though. Give it time. If he doesn't come around, then just forget him.