Why is he saying I called him when I didn't?

Why did he think I called him when I didn't?
We've been dating for about 6 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. He wasn't here at school yesterday which got me a little worried. His sister came to me and my friends at lunch and told me he wasn't here because he had an asthma attack. After school, his mom picked me up and told me "Tyler wanted me to tell you that he is sorry for not coming today and that you will see him tomorrow" She told me that he had bad asthma attack or attacks today.

He's been out of school before due to being sick etc. which he would either text me or the next day he comes will tell me he is sorry. I don't know why he's sorry. Today, he wasn't here at school again which his sister came up to me and told me he's sick and so is their mom. I remember her telling me that their family gets sick a lot or easily. It's kind of pissing me off.

He suddenly called me and I said "Hello" which he responded "Hey did you call me?" I said "no"(I didn't at all text nor call him which I even checked my list). He said "Oh okay...so how are you?" I responded "Good. I g2g " He said "O okay...sorry..." I said "Okay bye " and he said bye. I'm just pissed off.


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  • I'm sorry, why you're upset is not clear.