Could he be mad at me as I didn't make the date yesterday, or he is just busy?

Been crushing on a guy for the past month. Saw all the signs that he's interested but I figured he doesn't know if I'm interested. So I showed more interest and we spoke more.

Yesterday, I asked one of his mates to give my number to the guy in the shop I was nervous. But the friend wanted my number I said no. , then this other guy came over. Anyway my crush then came out for a f** break so I thought I will just ask myself , so I gave my number and he said ok will call you. Two hours later he did and he wanted to go out. I was busy though , he sounded disappointed :/ I was gutted as I was helping family out. and he said can I do wed, thur or fri at about 3/4 o'clock in the day I said yeah. Said speak to you later He didn't call, I think he didn't mean he will literally phone again. when I got home I texted sorry about yesterday, hope to see you soon hope your ok. No response. An haven't heard from him all day. However I think he's working right now.

I have not played games


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  • He could be just busy. He could have thought you were stringing him along. There's certainly no way for us to tell.

    • Stringing him along how?

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    • We only exchanged numbers yesterday. I've not strung him along?

    • Its not like I've been out with him for weeks saying I'm going to see him and still haven't. The term you've used is not the situation here.

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  • A. He ran out of credit
    B. He dropped his phone in the pool
    C. He broke his phone
    D. He is pretending to ignore you so that you will be more hungry for his cock

  • No he is not mad because you have made him wait weeks and weeks anyway with endless texts and mindgames. In truth all he is thinking abut is sinking is cock deep inside you and if he has to wait another month he most likely will wait.


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