What would you do if you were me?

SO dated this guy, 5 great dates , he tells me he likes me, but he doesn't live in my town so its hard to keep dating, lately we havnt talked for a long time, its been 3 weeks, he "likes" my fcb pictures so i dont think he is mad at me etc, but he did said he has a lot going on at the moment, and there will be a next time.

I just dont know where we stand and honestly it hurts, thinking about how we had a lot of chemistry and he telling me he liked me but how it sucks that we dont live in the same town. I know he has a lot going on with exams and not knowing where he is going to school but i also feel like he has pulled back from me so it hurts me.

Should i confront him about this or should i just let go and see with time? he might end up in my town for his masters after summer, and his family lives here. So let go or just be patient and not a drama queen?

My birthday is on Monday so if he congrats me i think il see whats going on, but if not should i confront him?


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  • I know this is hard but it's only been 5 dates. He doesn't owe you anything. He's not showing that's he's all that into you at this point. I would just let it go and not persue him. I would still reach out bit I wouldn't actively ask him out.

    I would say things like "went to an awesome resturant last night. Wish you could've been there "

    They way he knows you're still interested but you're not sitting at home waiting for him. It's more attractive to a guy if you have a life if your own

    • You are very right, 5 dates isn't a lot ..and he doesn't even live in my town, i dont think he dislikes me but i think he has pulled away cause he isn't sure what he is doing for school and doesn't want to give me hope, and keep leading me on?

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