How can I get a guy to open up more?

How can I get a guy who doesn't talk that much to open up more? Or is there no tricks. Just time needed? I always feel like he's holding back and it is making me a little frustrated because I feel this is getting in the way of erring closer to eachother.


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  • Hang out let him pick the place or ask him stuff he likes or stuff that he has always wanted to and do them maybe if he's in a comfortable setting or relax he might be able to open up more especially if he's having fun check his profiles and look at his likes and interest talk to him about those because it will help him open up more even sharing sensitive subjects and stuff you been threw might help him to open up more to you. Making him laugh and you being comfortable is going to also help him to feel more comfortable with you.

  • Ask questions about whatever it is you want to know.

    Be trustworthy, don't go off telling everyone what he as told you.

    Be open with him about yourself.

    Talk with him more so he starts to feel more comfortable around you. The more comfortable he feels the more likely he open up.

    That's all I can think of :/

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