Should I text girl who rejected me?

Well not our right rejection. Went on a date with her 4 weeks ago, tried to arrange a second date but each time she's doing something, has exams, whatever. Each time she has said we should do something, though she didn't say that the latest time I asked.
I don't think she can say no, so keeps leading me on:

Anyway, we still really get on, are friends, etc- I was about to text her but should I if she's rejected me? I'm slightly afraid she won't reply!

Sorry did not make it clear:
I'm not going to try asking her out, I've given up on that.
I was just going to ask if she had a good week as she's just been on holiday and we both support chelsea and was going to ask if she watched the game.


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  • No. Never ever ever text a person that keeps bailing on you, and says we should do something. Ever.

    • Just to be clear I'm not asking her out again. Just a friendly text between friends.

    • Chances are if you've had a date she'll either not respond, or take a very long time to respond? I'm not sure what your dynamic is but if you wanna text her as a friend go for it! Though seems like you want to text her just to talk to her. That's a mistake also.

    • There's nothing wrong with being friendly. But asking how her day went is a girlfriend/boyfriend question. Just ask her did you watch that game? How sick was that.

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  • If she doesn't like you, I think you should move on.

    On the other hand, if you let her know you just wanna be friends and are done chasing her, she might change her mind. We girls are weird like that..

    • Sorry, did not make it clear at first- what do you make of the update I posted?

    • Nothing wrong with a friendly text!

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  • No, never, nope, nah, not-in-a-lifetime... NOPE... DO YOU HEAR THAT KID!!! STAY AWAY FROM HER!!! She broke your heart and now you're going back to her in pieces? Why? Please i don't want you to suffer.