How can I know for sure that he's not using me for entertainment?

Met this guy online. Yes he is real. We Skype, have each others phone numbers, I know his address where he works and friends names, etc. We are like real life friends except we live like a couple thousand miles away...

Anyway, since I don't know him in person, I worry I'm being used for entertainment. We text all day every day, but I know he's bored at work and always complains when his friends aren't around. He says he sends messages out to his friends to see who is around.

Every night he is free he asks me what I am up to. We watch tv shows online together and stuff. He's also going nowhere in life... Lives at home, works full time but low pay and not doing anything to improve this. He only briefly lived with an ex

I worry I'm souring our friendship by worrying I'm serving a purpose to him. He's admit feelings for me and also said he's not ready for a relationship. We always talk about meeting, and have looked up flights.

Is this just for entertainment? How serious is he?

I like him, genuinely. I like him as a friend, and I like him more (but the not applying himself is really not suiting me...)

He talks to me when he is out with friends sometimes but always once he gets home... It's like, is he lonely now? Am I just another person he's sending a text out to, hoping for a bite?

The volume in which we text tells me I may be the only one he talks to like this. He has actually told me that- he said I am the only one he opens up to and feels he can talk to. Says I make him feel safe and confident.

I'm just confused. I think it might be too hard to know for sure without meeting. I can't help but be cautious, you know? What do you think?


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  • You never know. Not texting you when he's out is normal. He's busy with his friends. Everyone hates the guy that's glued to his phone the entire night, that's no fun and for some people it's hella rude.

    I'll tell you right now that his economic station right now may not be all on him. You don't really know how hard it is right now, especially for guys. Maybe you can be that jump start to his life if you encourage him. Try it right now.

  • this is a repost.


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