I'm so confused with her... Does she want something with me?

there's this girl I've been talking to for 3ish weeks. From the start we were very flirty and cute. She asked me to walk her to class and I've been doing that ever since. We've gotten along so well she's always bubbly around me. When we leave for class we hug and I recently asked her to prom in a cute way and she said yes very happy. I'm running into trouble now. The cute texts have stopped she still texts me first and we talk for a while but they're bland texts no smileys which is not ordinary for her. After a while I eventually asked her what she wanted out of us, she said that "at the moment we should just be friends. Why what did u want?" I told her I thought we had something between us. She told me "I mean we could have something in the future but I'm not ready for a relationship right now" normally id say she's letting me down east but she did just break up with her bf of a year like 2 months ago so like what's the deal? Is she really just not ready but wants something with me down the road? Or is she bullshitting me? I mean she doesn't act strange in person the only thing thats changed is texts... I'm so confused any advice as to whats going on?


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  • Prom? So in high school well she probably doesn't want any thing serious and have to break it off for college


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