Do guys like curled or straight hair?

Meeting up for a casual drink. I was wondering if I should curl my hair or wear it straight or does it not matter.

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  • I'm not sure if it's because my girl has wavy hair, but I prefer that over straight hair.

    It gives a certain plus in a woman's appearance, like an extra texture or flavor. It's hard to explain.

    Especially if you know that the girl originally has straight hair. Since that means she curled her hair just to look good for you.

    The effort is much much appreciated.


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  • Either is fine. As long is it is reasonably long (shoulder-length or more), most guys will be happy.

  • I'm a fan of straight or wavy but don't get so caught up trying to impress guys with your hair 'cause, as long as it's shoulder-length, most guys will be perfectly satisfied.

  • I love long hair with the big real loose curls. So damn pretty!


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