Is he being inconsiderate or am I too sensitive? Is it a bad idea to call him first to acknowledge my fault?

I had been up for about 38 hours before falling asleep at 3:30am. My boyfriend woke up before me at 9:30am.I'm a light sleeper so I opened my eyes to sat"good morning & I love u" intending to fall back asleep. Couple minutes later he gets on a Skype call with multiple people. I couldn't fall back asleep and got super irritated.. I made a comment and with an apologetic look he started walking towards the door. I told him to stay and I would go in the other room. There I still couldn't fall back asleep getting me really upset. I got up and started doing things around the house visibly upset, didn't look at him if I passed by and closed the doors loudly. I stayed in the other room til he got off his calls and heard him take his bag to his car. He asked if I was upset. I said yes and told him how I felt and he replied by saying "well you said u wanted to wake up earlier." And "I thought u were awake". This made matters worse- i felt he was turning it back on me and avoiding responsibility. I blew up at him -I felt he didn't even consider I hadn't slept, eye was hurting (sty) and I had been going through some family drama he witnessed with me. He got defensive and said "well, you don't support me" . Which couldn't be farther from the truth! Even when I had been up for 24 hours and still had work to do (which I told him I needed to finish that day) I still Cooked him a homemade meal after he came back from his meetings, I sat with him and we talked about his day, while he ate even though I wasn't me, that is showing support. Please let me know if I'm wrong because his comment really stung. I walked away shouting "get the f outta here" (it's an expression I like to use) slamming the door to another room and he left. It's been 2 days since we've spoken- do u think I was wrong or was he being inconsiderate? And should I wait for him to call first or can I call to apologize for my angry outburst I feel bad about? We love ea other like crazy and been together 5 mos


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  • I've done the sleep/zombie thing and I'm definitely taking your side. Even if you were completely wrong, he's still wrong. A person just does not have discussions with the living dead and to bring up a quarrel when they are that tired is a "sucker punch." He can argue about whether you are supportive or not when you are rested.

    He should have offered to do what he could to help you go back to sleep. He also seems kind of a priss ass to be holding out on you 2 days over it. Has the man ever had a hard day in his life?


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