Do guys want girls to text them first too when dating?

Whats your opinion? Does girls have to let guys chase them or do guys want girls to text them firs too? Especially quite early on dating?

and how about initiating meetings? and how do you feel if you are the only one initiating dates/hang outs?


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  • I don't mind girls taking some form of initiative, but texting is just a pain.


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  • Chasing ends when you are dating.. Chasing shows immaturity.. Either you like a guy or you don't. if you like him, text him.. if you don't like, don't text. a smart guy will stop texting you when he sees you dont initiate

    • do you mean a guy stops texting to see if the girl starts to iniate it if he stops, or because he looses his interest in a girl that never texts first/initiates a meeting?

    • to see if girls initiate.. if you do, he will carry on. if you don't, he will lose interest

  • For Initiating meetings, it is always the best for men to LEAD the chances to meet women. because it shows that he's interested at the woman at some point.
    However, it's up to women to initially text/call the men to let men easily setting up the next dates for fun-filled romance.
    Therefore;in short, Men LEAD; Women PURSUE.


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  • I think it's completely fine girls who text first. This is the 21st century and it happens everywhere. It will ease off the pressure for guys at least. Why should they always have to do it? And why should you have to wait so long for them to do it?

    And yes guys do like the chase. Or if you do initiate that contact with them, they want you to either not reveal yourself too quickly or be of some kind of challenge