Women and compliments then no response later...?

Okay so I complimented a girl I like via text she responded positive and then also didn't believe herself to be pretty. sent one more text after her response then another because I had to go do some work (double text). Never heard back, So i offered to give her a call the next day/today and no response...what?

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  • Coming on too strong maybe?

    • Yeah it's confusing I have the instinct that's it but it's just weird that one minute she's was happy with the compliment next minute I hear nothing. I just find it to be strange behavior to be into the compliment then next text after she disappears.

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    • Just skip a beat. If you usually text morning, noon, and night, skip one. If you usually text once a day, skip a day. So maybe don't text tomorrow. Then just pick up like everything is cool.

    • Yeah I've basically just shrugging it off like no alarms need to be raised but yeah I'll try the one day skip as well.

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  • I actually agree with prilee1992. If you haven't asked her out already, you should.

  • You over did it


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  • Text, huh? I guess the previous 'build-up' was lacking to sending such positive messages via a slightly impersonal way of communication, and therefore the approach came off as creepy. Either that, or the person is just not interested. Therefore, I voted "ignoring me", as that's what not returned calls would imply, unless of course they haven't had the opportunity to call back, which after some time does seem unlikely.

    • I only offered to call today, so i text her because she was keen yesterday for me to call which them led to a little compliment. I just confused how people an just stop like that.

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    • Sorry posted that by accident. As i was saying then I got to know her and she seem renown for forgetting to text back midway through a convo. I think nothing of it and sometime she flags it up that she sucks at replying. So after a day or so I then offered if she would be okay with a call and then gave her the compliment along with a long talk before this about our interests. It was about one text after the compliment and her reply that I heard nothing. So i wondered did i do something wrong?

    • Hm, nothing wrong there that I can see. I guess she just sucks at replying, try again on Friday ~7 PM or Saturday? If you actually plan on meeting up with her, Friday is better for in case she has no plans on Saturday, OR if she has plans that you can also attend. Think strategically :D

  • Phone and texts is for arranging DATES. Don't mess around dude.

    • Lmao I think I have disagreed with literally every single answer I've ever seen you give on this site.

    • It's all to confusing for me to be honest being that were not near each other at the moment. I even offered her to hangout and she was up for it but had to work then offered soon after when i was back.

    • I like it, shacodraco, thanks for the compliment =)
      She was just giving many B.S excuses, she's not interested at you.