Boyfriend is confused and stringing me along?

So recently my bf and I had some huge disagreements. Instead of sitting down and talking about it he's been doing talking in increments, really just avoiding confrontation and stringing me along. He says he loves me and still hangs out with me sometimes but he's not sure if he's the best guy for me as he thinks of the benefits of being single. He acts a little differently towards me especially these last few months, not really taking me on dates... All we do is stay home when I come over.

I've been talking to other guys jus as friends out insecurity and I almost feel like cheating on him because I don't feel loved by him.

So basically he plays hide and seek all day and when I start talking about our relationship he says he's tired and he'll talk to me in the morning. This has gone on several times and around noon today I snapped and started crying in public on the phone (after he said to call him asap) and he got mad and said he was busy working and he'd talk to me after he clocks out for the day.

This is really troubling me.


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  • Remain calm you half to be calm even when he's being wrong because you really care about him and love him and you don't wanna loose him and the last thing you need is to give him a reason to leave you so i would stay calm and try to compromise on your guys disagreement in a relationship you guys are going to half to make sacrafices for each other the best thing to do is move on from the situation because he's obviously is not ready to talk about it i think instead of focusing on the disagreements try seeing each others point of view and try working together right now i wouldn't bring up the disagreements because we don't want to give him any reasons to leave so show him how much being with him is more important then arguing because you will get what you want by not expecting anything from him stuff will happen when it happens and you guys will have already gotten in a better place as a couple to make decisions together both of u guys must not be feeling loved so sometimes it takes one to be the bigger person in the relationship to fix it


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