Is he playing me or just thinks I'm stupid?

So this guy and I have been pen friends for a year and a half. At first we started chatting as friends but then it got really obvious that we liked each other.
He would joke about coming to visit me in my country and sometimes this topic would become very serious. We never really spoke about sex, just our interests which is why I enjoyed speaking to him so much.
He recently confessed to liking me and I confessed my feelings as well but reminded him we should stay friends. He mentioned that he has a girl friend, but things weren't so good and he was thinking of breaking up with her ( he mentioned her before he told me he liked me). From the get go, I had told him I had a boyfriend, he didn't seem to care.

We're Facebook friends so I see his timeline every now and again and from the looks of it, he and his gf are quite fine. I know its wrong for me to be jealous and all but I don't get why this guy seems like he's playing me or he just thinks I'm stupid.

For the sake of my relationship, I've decided to cut down on communication with him, we haven't spoken in close to a month. He's been sending me texts and emails asking what's wrong and if I'm ok. I barely reply. Should I keep doing this or should I confront him?


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  • you both are very confused about how the other person feels... so confront him about it... seems like you both have stuff to talk out.

  • He you're on the sideline