Would you or have you dated a woman with a child?

Why typed experience was it? Would you do it again?

What would prevent you from dating her?
If there were times she had no sitter would that be a constant issue for you or would you be understanding?


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  • no issues with that personally, but I wouldn't want to be around the child (not knowing the age) so much till I thought things would workout or we were exclusively dating. kids shouldn't be introduced to lots of different guys I think or opposite. children get attached and its not fair to them. I think anyways

    • Couldn't agree with you more, probably not reasonable but I would wait 4-6 months of actual dating/relationship not just talking before I let someone meet him

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    • No problem why?

    • i posted a question how soon should a person tell about a child. majority said rt away.. even before a date.. i thought as you suggested though 1-2 date

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  • I've experienced dating with kids. Oh man...

    One managed to keep the kids taken care of, but something else was going on I feel and we didn't date long. I don't know what it was.

    One girl I work with is a mess. She wanted to date me (I think because of my physique) and would stand me up though. I gave it two chances and honestly, she was a mess as it is when we would talk. She's have sex with random guys basically and is now pregnant with a second child and is full of ex-boyfriend stories.

    One girl I was talking with before thinking of setting up a date gave me this whole story of her custody fight and how she was trying to get her boyfriend busted for weed by the court while clearing the weed out of her system. She then told me (while drunk on the phone) how she had sex with him stoned and was too lazy to take a pill in the morning and that's how she had her kid. Oh and she says she's so great...

    One girl I messaged online replied back to me ranting about how she wanted to take her ex to court...

    I think I'm going to pass on women with children!

    • Most I would do is tell you I have one and apologize if I had cancel plans nothing about him though unless you asked, don't really think any guy would care

    • Lol, its not the women with children, maybe its the women you are picking in general?

    • Lol no some do rant about the dad for whatever reason instead of trying to move on

  • Not at my age I wouldn't, I would feel obligated to help take care of it which I don't want to do.

    • That's never asked lol unless you chose to

    • It's nothing personal, there are many guys who would be happy to. I just would rather her not be a parent.

    • Lol no I get it

  • I think it will be a good experience.

    • But there are likely to be times where she has to cancel plans

  • I have, but I wouldn't do it again. To the woman I will never be the father, and will always remain an outsider to "her" family. It just isn't worth the hassle, when there are still plenty of women that don't have kids.

    • That shouldn't have even been a conversation unless it was a role you wanted to take on in its entirety

    • If you aren't ready to take it on in its entirety then you have no business being with someone that has a kid.

    • Exactly! But maybe she kept from him

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