Girls: What's wrong with what I said in this text message, if anything? Why didn't she reply? Did I mess up?

There's a girl and I was pretty sure she is interested, seemed obvious... she texted me yesterday saying "I have a question" then when I replied "ok go for it", she asked a question about an assignment that she ALREADY KNEW THE ANSWER TO, then said "You probably thought I was texting you about something more important, sorry". So, for fun I texted her today just saying "Hey I have a question"... no reply... to be fair she hasn't been "online" since I sent it but she could have seen it and just didn't open it... I was going to reply with something funny :/ maybe she thought I was about to confess my love lol... wtf?

What's wrong with what I said?


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  • Nothing wrong just don't see the point. I don't really text girls who have not already shown interest as its a waste of time and near impossible to build or anticipate interest over text...

    So my logic is get interactions in person. Then once attraction is built in that way it doesn't matter what you text because your already in.


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  • A) she just didn't see it
    B) she's scared of what you're going to ask

    solution: just casually hit her up after a few days if she hasn't responded or talk to her in person


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