Why does my ex stare and ignore my text messages?

Why is my ex boy friend ignoring me? He still stares at me during passing period but when I text him he ignored me this last time and a couple days a go he was texting me but stopped replying and we don't talk at school. ( we only have been broken up for a week well almost 2 weeks )


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  • Well fuck him! And I don't mean that literally. Don't let him manipulate you. You are describing an immature butthead who does not care about your feelings.

    Now is the time to move on to the next male in line for your charms, if you wish. Meeting lots of males will make you a wiser and broader person for you will learn a bit more from each of them. Just practice safe sex and supply your own condoms.


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  • He's a teenage boy. He broke up with a girl.
    He barely knows how to communicate with one, let alone handle one as his ex girlfriend. Let the poor creature be. xD
    He's your ex, why not move on?