What I should do now? I think I blew it off... mission impossible to gain a of a girl leaving in two months, trust issues, and no self confidence?

me and a girl went out on 1 accidental date & 2 arranged dates. she has self confidence issues, trust issues, indecisive & shy. She is a very sweet person. After our third date she was talking about her bad experience in life and how she was bullied in school. she thinks that she is not pretty. I cut her in the middle of self sabotaging shit & told her to stop right there & that she is the most beautiful woman.

I told her I don't know much about you but I liked what I have known so far and I would like to know more. I asked her to give me the chance so we can have more time together and that I am fine with friendship for now and lets see where it goes from there.

The second day. after class, Unlike the usual my lady comes behind my back trying to get my attention. I talked to her asked her about her paper. she was pushing her arm with mine. she was cheery and happy. we agreed to meet at night to hangout. So i message her on Facebook and she sees but does not responds I told her no pressure if she does not feel like hanging out. she sees the message and ignores it! I gave her a window to say sorry and be off the hock yet she ignores me! I told her if I had time I wld not have rushed you Coz the stupid rules says so I think you are playing by them by not responding. I told her FYI for future reference seen appears even if you are offline she replied: "honestly, I just want to be just strictly friends. Nothing against you, but I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed." So I told her I am not interested in friendship anymore. there has been a precedent of not responding which is rude.
I did not want to be a doormat. what should i do now? she has trust issues and shy quite. abuse history, indecisive. is there any chance? I Love her and I want to fix her.

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  • YOU cannot fix her. She is not a project. She has some things to sort out and I think you should back off.


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