This is for guys only? How to overcome fear of approaching women?

For guys who are shy or used to be how did you overcome your fear to approach women


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  • You have to get into the right mindset. You have to imagine things, things that are actual facts:
    - she is just a normal, just like any one of us,
    - she takes a #2 like all of us,
    - she's not perfect, because nobody is perfect,
    - look for imperfections, everybody has them,

    In short, she's nobody special, so you just stay cool and approach her like she's nobody - treat her with respect though. Don't think of her like the special one, or anything like that. Treat her like you would your sister or girl friend. She can't hurt you, there's no reason to be afraid of her.
    All these things will make it easier not to freak out about approaching a girl.

  • The first times alwayz the hardest, after you do it once it keeps getting easier until its like second nature