What exactly is a rebound relationship?

sorry for being naive, but I'm not sure I completely understand what a rebound relationship is.

why do rebounds rarely work out and why would someone want to date someone to "rebound" from a previous relationship anyway?

explanations would be great!



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  • Rebound itself means recovery/recovering. If someone is on the rebound it means they want a person to fill the void they have of their ex. Essentially there are many ways to recover from a relationship. Think of this as one of those tactics. People who are on the rebound will start dating shortly after they have broken up with someone. The purpose is to still feel wanted, loved, needed, important...etc. Some people are afraid of being alone so they will rush into a relationship and settle for just anyone. These don't work for many reasons. A big one is that the person that is on the rebound has not taken the time to fully heal and build their self esteem. In the new relationship they will bring their baggage and may hurt the new person. It's best to heal before attempting a new reationship. In the end it's just not the same. It's like going to a restaurant with a certain meal in mind and finding out that that particular meal is not available. You will pick another one but it's just not the same and can ruin things.


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  • Rebound relationship : A relationship formed while one or more party is still emotionally involved with a previous partner aka ... Someone you date who isn't over their ex, you as the new partner, think that you are in a real relationship with them but they are using you to feel better about themselves because they are still hurt inside or even confused or just feeling generally lonely. And I say "used" not on a conscious level, but a subconscious one because being with you and being showered by your affection makes them feel loved again. Rebounds don't last long because the person after just being broken up with is in a very vulnerable state of mind and more often than not, rushed into a new relationship without taking the time to heal and re-evaluate themselves. So when they "sober up"so to speak they realize that they are with someone who normally wouldn't be their type. So if a girl just broke up with her boyfriend and wants to date you just give her some space don't accept right away... she could be on the rebound and looking for comfort. *also if she continuously talks about her ex, that's a dead giveaway.

  • example -

    the guy I was deeply in love with dumps me.

    so I jump into new a relationship as soon as possible.

    but not because I "like" this new guy.

    its simply to numb the pain I feel for the loss of my ex boyfriend.

    these relationships are bad for 2 main reasons:

    1. the new perosn will take advantage of ur pain and hurt you even more.


    2.you will soon realize tht you never really liked this new person anyway . . . therefore you get tired of them.

    so the term "he/she's on the rebound" simply means this person is fresh out of a very intimate relationship and is with a new partner seeking comfort.

  • Rebound relationships are the one immidiately after your meaningful one that ended and you get a rebound so you're not alone, to make you feel better, and to help you get over your ex. It doesn't work because when you start a new relationship when you aren't over your old one you can't put everything into the new one, you don't really care, so it ends and usually badly.

  • A rebound is like a fling, you get out of a serious relationship and are looking for some fun. Rebounds are never ment to work out, these people are usually incompatable in the long run.

  • Remember that the term was borrowed from basketball: a rebound misses the hoop and the ball is up for grabs by anyone who can get their hands on it.

    so someone who's dumped and confused is (potentially) up for grabs by anyone who can get their hands on 'em...


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  • Rebound relationships are relationships that occur soon after someone has gotten out of a relationship. Therefore the rebound is a common saying for those who "get back in the game", hence the rebound.

    They rarely work because the person is almost never entirely over their ex at the current moment.

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