Really want to date her, but is it a bad time to do so?

Met this really cute girl I was instantly attracted to on a night out with friends. My closest friend told me she was asking about me, so I just wooed her and we ended up making out for a while. I kissed her when she got on her bus too.

She gave me her number and she texted me late the next day.

She's definitely interested in me, but I've got just under 3 weeks before I have to go back to University in the North for a month to do my exams, and then a couple weeks after that before I leave for the summer holidays.

How should I ask her out?


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  • She had given you her number, she texted you next day - these are enough good signs. If your heart says yes - go ahead. Do not allow your brain make decision - it will think about this or that and not about emotions. Love is from heart and not from brain. Simply ask her about the place and time to meet again and if she suggest something you can afford, proceed. If you can not afford, suggest her your way with some logical argument. Do not forgot to tell her about your exams.

  • Let her know that you'll be going. Don't have fun at the expense of her emotions :) if she's a bit strong hearted, she'll not get quickly attached. but if she's sensitive, you might end up breaker her heart accidentally. So tell her that you will be gone. then do whatever you wanna do