Should i just send him a quick hello?

So there was a guy who was my best friend but we fought and all that... we both really liked each other but we werren't ready to take that anywhere so we "hate" each other. He said it was goodbye forever but i don't think i want that... should i just send him a message? Im ready to move forward.. we haven't spoken since December ..

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I forgot to mention, this has happened a lot . We go months without talking then we apoligize, fall for each other again, then not take it anywhere and something triggers our "hate"
and he was talking about me on Facebook


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  • If you keep having bust ups and not talking mouths/years may be you're not meant to be friends.

    • thanks for MH

    • I know it like that one will do when you only have like 2 or 3 replies

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  • If you haven't spoken since December , I think you should just move on