Is bad that I date a guy who just turned 20 and I am about to turn 17?

We have only been dating for a week and my cousin keeps saying don't date him because he is a dog but I want to see for myself it that wrong? He keeps telling me he don't date girls like me who are smart, can talk about sports, a church girl and etc... I know guys say things like that just to talk game sort of speak so assist me please!


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  • Chances are, he most likely just wants to sleep with you. He's 3 years older than you, and your just below jail bait. His description of you didn't seem to help matters much either.


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  • okay, I'm so sick of people saying guys who are older only want sex. when they do not know the guy. some guys are different and I have seen it. if he understands you don't want to have sex before marriage and so on. there is nothing wrong with dating someone whose older.

    since even if you dated someone the same age, he's still going to want sex. it's a guy thing.

    (I am a christian too, and I've seen more guys my age want sex more than a guy whose older)

    but all depends on the guy and his personality!

    hope it works out! good luck (:

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