Tomorrow is the first date...with 10 years younger man. I am nervous?

I have been talking to this guy on line for 2 month and we met up last week for a coffee. He is 28 and I am 38. Even he is so much younger he seems like he is attacted to me. He texts me 3 times a day and he calls me every night to say good night. He has been very sweet and polite to me.

Tomorrow is the first date...well I still do not know it is going to be a date or not because I actually told him that I just want to be friends with him and not more than that..The reason is because I am concerned about my age. He is obviously attracted to me and it is also obvious that I am attracted to him but 10 years age difference is big...

He tells me that my age does not bother him but I am not sure what he mean by that. Maybe my age is not bothering him to just date me but...swhat about something more? I do not know...

i am not getting any younger and just do not want to date with someone who already know I am too old to get married. He said he already know what he wants from me and he said he will answer if I ask him...

I am going to see him tomorrow and I know he will treat me like a date.

I do not know what I want to ask.,.but I am just so nervous!

If you have any advise or comment to me...please!


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  • if he likes u then ur age shouldn't matter and ur never too old to get married


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