Not sure if we are still on for tonight...?

we made plans for tonight on Tuesday. Super excited blah blah. Talked a little Thursday. Now its tonight, and our date is at 7 and he's not responding to any of my texts (I sent one saying I am looking forward to tonight, and then another I have to work a little late so I will be there closer to 8) (Its 240 pm). I was looking forward to getting out and having some fun tonight. At what time do I chalk it up to for whatever reason tonights off, and make new plans, and should I ask him are we still on tonight or does that sound desperate/needy.

I didn't realize where I was at there was no reception. He did respond. Got the good old beep beep bepp when I walked outside lol.


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  • Right now. You haven't talked to him since Thursday, he's not confirmed any plans, and he's not answering any of your texts. Assume right now that the plans are off. A guy that actually planned to follow through would be answering right now. You'll just be sitting around waiting for him, or you'll be stood up.

    Go ahead and make other plans.

    • Also, don't send him another text. His lack of response to your other two texts was answer enough.