Am I overreacting about what I said?

We've been dating for about 6 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. Me and my friends plus boyfriend were hanging out at lunch. My friend begged me to do a funny face. I kept saying no especially not infront of my boyfriend. He kept begging me then my boyfriend was curious and wanted to see but I would say my boyfriend had to leave in order to not see it. My friend kept asking why I would do the funny face in front of him but not my own boyfriend.

The reason I don't want to do my funny face in front of boyfriend is because I don't want to look weird or a fool. I don't want him to get turned know? It was a funny weird face that made my friends laugh hard. So I was just with my friend and boyfriend. Friend begged AGAIN lol and asked why I would do it in front of him and not boyfriend. I said (I forgot) "It's because I don't want him to think differently of me like turned off when I'm trying to impress him" my friend was all like "Whoah.." or something (forgot) and my boyfriend kind of zoned out a little and was like "What?" Or "Wait what?".

What I said came out WRONG. I couldn't describe how I felt. I meant something else instead of "impres". I am so worried now even though I laughed and said ignore that (I forgot) and friend went on with me doing the face. I don't know if they remember what I said but I'm still embarrassed. It came out wrong...I hung out with boyfriend later at his house which he didn't bring it up but I'm still worried...I regret saying that!


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  • Hey it's in the past forget about it and just be yourself and live for tomorrow not yesterday. What was done or said was in the past so leave it there and don't let your friends drag you down they not worth making your self ill over.

  • Feeling embarrassment or regret is normal so I won't say you're overreacting but I will say this probably isn't a big deal.


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