Why does she treat me so badly at times?

I really like this girl and sometimes I think I may have a chance with her. However she then starts to ignore me and distance herself for a while. She will be fine with everyone else including other guys. She can be the nicest girl in the world to everyone but I seem to be the only one who's treated like this. It hurts:(

She'll often make fun of me and also tease me quite a lot.
When she treats me badly I find her difficult to approach. This can upset me but when she sees me upset she will ask what's up. I'm totally confused and don't know what to do.


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  • There are two likely reasons and they're opposites... either she likes you but gets nervous or is playing games and so she pulls back, or she doesn't like you more than a friend but realizes you like her so she ignores you for a while until she feels like she can interact with you again without leading you on.


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  • Hmmmm, are you by any chance doing or saying anything that's hurting her feelings? I don't know enough details to guess really.

    • No. I don't say anything to offend. This behavior is completely random. She can be cold from a frew hours to a few days.

    • Then I would say pull back and withhold friendship and see what she does... stop being nice and she how she responds to that.

  • She has to come clean about her feelings for you, i think she likes you but is scared to say she probably Don't mean to but don't know how to approach the situation with you two

    • That's what I think, too. I'm generally weird in that if I like a girl, I try to be around her, but then avoid eye contact or compliments because I'm afraid it would be overbearing and creepy.

    • It won't be creepy. But if she has feelings for you like in the QA , she will behave that way cause it's easier to deal with a person who I have totally no feelings for than a guy I adore there's nothing at stake, ..talking to the guy I'm into I get nervous and worry to much , eventually when you guys start dating or being around each other more that goes away. But until then it might be like this up and down thing.

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