Why is she so general and avoid important questions?

I have talking to this girl who in a lot if ways seems interested. Though she is very nervous after coming out of two bad relationships.

We had a date planned very quickly but our schedules caused me to cancel the first time and she canceled the rescheduled date. It was great then. We talked a lot and all seemed well. Then some things happened which scared us both away from each other. She shared about me with a friend who accused me of trying to take advantage of her. None if it was true and she ended up apologizing but we went through a period of little to know communication

Now we've been talking again and things seem well. She mentioned that in person I do not engage her enough in person and wanted me to call more. So I have been making a huge effort and I'll see her in a few days as she said I should come out and take part in something that was going on.

But I have noticed when I have asked important things such as getting coffee after the meeting that she completely ignores it and I never get an answer. So it leaves me very confused.

I also find that when I ask her questions like what she's up to she is very general. Saying she is with a friend or went to dinner with a friend.

So that sums it up. I am just confused as to what it means and why a girl would this? Advice and insight would be greatly appreciated!


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  • She doesn't want to get too personal and deep too soon so she won't get hurt


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  • She doesn't trust you a lot


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