Why would a girl show obvious interest for an extended period of time, and then suddenly get distant one day?

In University... I like this girl, it WAS obvious that we both liked each other, it's like we both knew...

Today was our last class together. Before class she texts me to ask me NOT to mention the fact that she smokes in front of her friend because she would not approve. In class, I was picking up (at least I think) on tense vibes between her and her friend... they still talked, but it wasn't "happy" as usual... I tried to talk to the girl that I like and she wouldn't even smile at me, just answered with one word, just didn't seem very interested, for the first time. I saw them after class too, they were sitting together at a table but the look on their faces weren't happy... when I said "have a good weekend" she didn't smile at me again.

I was wondering if there WAS a conflict between them and that's why she wasn't talkative, or she was trying to show dis-interest, or WTF? Also, should I text her and ask what that was about, or wait?


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  • I don't think it has anything to do with you. It sounds like they're having trouble with their friendship. I think you should try texting her but don't ask her why she was acting weird just do a conversation starter; ask her how she is.


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  • Maybe she's having a bad day, you said she didn't even talk happily to a friend of hers.

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