Nice guys, how do you reject girls?

If you have stayed in friendships or flirtships or whatever with a girl for more than half a year. You two also hangged out sometimes, and you said you really like her.

However, no official commitment has been made.

If you find you are not interested in her anymore, but you find she kind of warm up very much, what would you do?


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  • If she was making it totally obvious that she wanted more than friendship and I didn't feel the same, I would just be honest. I'd just tell her that I really like her and value her friendship, and that I really want it to continue.


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  • If they ask me out like last year I would say your pretty and all it's just that I have to ting about other stuff like academics and sports sorry but I can't

  • They ignore similarly like a woman. They start making distance for no apparent reasons.


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