Omg ! Why is he texting me and letting me know what is going on in his life?

So there is this guy and we ate aquiantces and for the last two weekends he has been texting me letting me know where he's at , what he's doing or just to let me know what is going on with him and what is new in his life. Why is he doing this? He has a Gf but he also has feelings for me. I have a Bf but have feelings for him too.


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  • seems like he is unable to move on...he still considers you as part of his still exist for him

    • What does consider you part of his life mean? and still exist for him mean? I don't quit understand I am sorry.

    • i mean that he is still making you aware of what he is doing, of his every move...he still considers you as an important figure in his life

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