If I can't get back to him right away, why does he then retaliate by taking ages to respond?

When he does this, it makes me not want to even talk when he finally does respond... I feel like I have to give an excuse if I can't get back to him right away, but then I think no that is silly.

Also wanted to mention that this is a pattern I've noticed over the span of a year. It is like clockwork and initially I did not realize it. But over time, I can expect it to happen


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  • Are you certain he is retaliating?

    • Do you ever post useful answers or just try to always be first?

    • It's a genuine question. After all you are making an accusation but the man may feel the opposite; instead of answering right away he may feel he is being too hasty, overbearing even, and "clingy".

      Maybe he wants to match or beat the tempo to play the game that he is still more busy than he actually is.

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  • Sounds like he is petty, or too sensitive.

  • we usually understand if you can't get back to us right away. we dont like it, but we'll understand


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